About the owner

I love to feed people.  More than that, I have a passion for food, and the kitchen is my home.  As a native of southern Louisiana, the culinary arts have always been a part of my life—a part of life generally.  Growing up, the kitchen was a place where I could express myself, but in a modest household such as the one I was raised, a career in self-expression and other artistry was a luxury I could not afford.  Therefore, I considered cooking and baking a hobby rather than a career.  With much apprehension, I set off to college in an attempt to discover a suitable profession.  During my quest, I received an undergraduate business degree in Marketing and a graduate degree in Public Administration from Louisiana State University.  Following, I received a juris doctorate degree from Southern University Law Center.   

After receiving my law degree, I set out to Chicago, where I worked for one of the largest law firms in the world.  Still, I wasn't happy.  Even after earning three degrees and practicing law for years, I'd come full circle.  After much deliberation, I felt myself drawn to the place where I had always found comfort—the kitchen.  I mustered up the courage, and I relocated to London, United Kingdom to study patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu, where I obtained a Superior Patisserie Diploma.  

While in London I was employed with Les Deux Salons as a pastry chef.  I was in charge of producing daily menu items as well as items for the restaurant's afternoon tea events.  At Les Deux, I developed my love for jams and jellies.  Following my employment with Les Deux, I secured employment with one of London's largest patisseries - Patisserie Valerie.  There, I was introduced to bread baking on a massive scale.  I'd found my second love!

In 2012, I departed London and returned to Chicago, where I managed a set of bakeries, overseeing dozens of employees.  I baked fresh breads daily.  I was enjoying my new career.  I was happy.  But it was time to move again.  My husband and I had started a family, and we wanted to live closer to our families in Louisiana.  So we moved to Texas.  

Shortly after our move, I established Breads & Spreads And Other Fine Foods as a home-based business to share my love for breads, jams, jellies, and other foods.  Like I said, I love to feed people.  I hope you enjoy our products!